Louis Vuitton Marketing - A state of the art

10/05/2023 11:16

A Revista Acadêmica Online, com prazer, introduz o estudo intitulado “Louis Vuitton Marketing - A state of the art" de lavratura dos pesquisadores: Diogo Reis e Maria Zulmira Cunha.


Fashion and clothing, as a sociocultural phenomenon, have gained the ability to express the values of the society in which they are inserted. In this specific case, values should be understood as the uses, habits, and customs, always at a given time and place. After all, these are constantly changing factors due to the various influences exerted by behaviour, way of thinking, and even due to the culture or philosophy of the country or area in which one is inserted (Dickserson 1999). Between 1760 - 1840, due to the Industrial Revolution, the population started to inevitably move from rural areas to the big cities. This, consequently, resulted in the population's intrinsic desire for change. This desire for change, little by little, led to the evolution of clothing, fashion, and subsequently the industry that creates and develops them. With this in mind, one can argue that fashion is a process of creation, which carries cultural symbolism resulting from a system that encompasses people and organizations in a constant interconnection of designers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers, public relations professionals, journalists, advertising agencies and others (Neves e Branco, 2000; Guedes, 2005; Kawamura, 2005).


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